Registration of your land with the Tōtara for Tōtaranui Project is voluntary. It allows us to collate which land owners wish to be involved in the project. It is the first step in the process of restoring Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui for future generations. Any supporting documentation required below should be emailed to * (indicates the required fields).
Landline and / or mobile.
Records of title (previously referred to as computer registers or certificates of title) prove the ownership of land and the rights and restrictions that apply to the land. You will need to provide a copy to us. They can be obtained from:
Hectares or m2.
If the land is owned by a Trust you are required to provide a copy of the Trust resolution confirming that the land can be registered with the Tōtara for Tōtaranui Project.
We can not accept registration if you are not authorised by the land owner. If you are an agent for the landowner please provide a letter of your appointment as their agent.
To obtain funding we need to be able to access your property to assess the work required and undertake the work programme.
Selected Value: 0
On a scale of 0 to 100. 0 is bare land. 100 is 100% native cover.
You agree that the Tōtara's for Tōtaranui Project will store the data you enter. Privacy policy can be viewed:
You agree that by registering your land that we will contact you regarding your involvement in the project. Please note that we need to scope and develop the integrated catchment management plans before any work programmes can be developed. All work is subject to funding availability.
You agree that the property owner is responsible for maintenance on their land. The Tōtara for Tōtaranui Project is therefore only responsible for items specified in the work programme related to your land.
You agree that that the intention of any planting on your land is done so with the aim of improving the environment on an ongoing basis. The property owner therefore agrees to protect and provide any ongoing support the plants need to mature.

If you would prefer to complete the registration form offline.