There are many way you can help with the Tōtara for Tōtaranui project.

It will take time, effort and investment to achieve.

By working together we can achieve more than we can on our own.

Contact us, you can make a difference.

There are four foundations that run throughout all of the work that is done.

Protect, Restore, Enhance and Educate.

We need to protect the Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui.

We need to restore what has been damaged.

We need to enhance the environment for future generations.

We need educate people about why this is important.

Call for Sponsors

We offer a number of sponsorship opportunities to fit your budget.

Community Sponsors

Six levels of Corporate Sponsorship

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Citizen Science

Citizen science uses the collective strength of communities and the public to identify research questions, collect and analyse data, interpret results, make new discoveries, and develop technologies and applications – all to understand and solve environmental problems.


We welcome donations as every dollar counts. Your contribution will be used towards one of our many projects for the betterment of the area. If you’re interested in supporting a specific project or area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Online Store

If you would like a souvenir or gift. Why not purchase one of the items from the online store.

All profits go to the Tōtara for Tōtaranui project to help protect, restore, enhance and educate about Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui.

Restoration Trips

There are many types of restoration trips that you can be involved with that will fit your interest and time available. Some of the work is local to Picton or Waikawa while others will require boat trips. All of the projects involve a commitment of your time which we are thankfully for.



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The animals and plants of Tōtaranui need your help now!