What’s in your Education Toolbox?

We have collated a selection of toolbox’s to assist with learning about the environment and conservation.


If you have education resources or ideas that you would like us to include please contact us.

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The animals and plants of Tōtaranui need your help now!

Predator Free NZ

Nature is a giant, open-ended learning laboratory for children; it provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, and problem-solving.

Predator Free NZ has a rich assortment of learning resources to get kids involved and interested in nature and its conservation.

Marlborough Conservation Education Toolbox

Marlborough has many conservation educators within community groups and agencies who can provide education and experiences to schools. The various groups focus on a range of habitat, species and conservation actions.

The Marine Biosecurity Toolbox is a collaborative research programme whose mission is the development of science-based tools and technologies that empower governments, tangata whenua, industry and the public to effectively mitigate biosecurity risks.


The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has developed a large educational resource focused on our Oceans and Atmosphere. We have highlighted some below – click to open.

The Sustainable Living Education Trust helps with practical and fun ways to reduce your environmental impact. It’s about simpler, less-wasteful lifestyles here in New Zealand.

Future living skills for a healthier, lower-waste yet good quality lifestyle.

Get involved!

The animals and plants of Tōtaranui need your help now!