Education is fundamental to the success of the project and we will continue to develop new resources through time.

We have compiled the following useful resources to help with the education process.

If you have education resources or ideas that you would like us to include please contact us.

The Tōtara’s for Tōtaranui project has four foundations that run throughout all of the work that is done.

Protect, Restore, Enhance and Educate.

We need to protect the Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui.

We need to restore what has been damaged.

We need to enhance the environment for future generations.

We need educate people about why this is important.

Get involved!

The animals and plants of Tōtaranui need your help now!

Primary Programmes

The Primary Programme is aimed at Year 1 to Year 8 students (around 5–12 years of age).

The focus is introducing topics which may interest and inspire our future leaders.

Secondary Programmes

The Secondary Programme is aimed at Year 9 to Year 13 students (around 13–17 years of age).

The focus is building upon previous learning and providing practical opportunities to enhance learning in more detail.

Tertiary Programmes

The Tertiary Programme is aimed at students studying at universities and other tertiary education institutes.

We aim to provide information to make it easier to study in Queen Charlotte / Tōtaranui.

Academic Research

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Organisations who undertake research in the area include Department of Conservation, Marlborough District Council, Cawthorn Institute, Universities (NZ & International),  National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Landcare Research, Ministries for Primary Industries; Environment and Business, Innovation and Employment and the Private sector.

Marine Guide Training

Marine Guide Training

If you love dolphins and whales then turn your passion into a professional career.

Share your passion with others and become a Marine Guide for WCA.

Outward Bound

Outward Bound Logo

Outward Bound is a non-profit organisation specialising in personal and professional development with the aim to help create better people, better communities, and a better world. People of all ages, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds are welcome at Outward Bound.

Located at Anakiwa in Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui.

Education Toolbox

What’s in your Education Toolbox?

Get involved!

The animals and plants of Tōtaranui need your help now!