The Tōtara for Tōtaranui Project is governed by an independent trust board which sets the strategy for the project. Strong, effective governance is a key element that will influence the success and implementation of the plan.

The make-up of the governance reflects the partnership principles with membership from project partners, iwi, youth and the community at large. All members bring the ability to make decisions and to drive outcomes for the Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui. They champion the project so that there is acceptance, adoption, and implementation of the plan.

Scientific Panel

Project decisions need to be based on good quality information, so we need to work together to ensure that the information that is collected can be applied and action taken rather than just solely adding to our knowledge of the systems or worse becoming documents that no one reads.

The Scientific Panel therefore is comprised of  experts from Crown Research Institutes, universities and wānanga, iwi, research organisations, Marlborough District Council, industry/sector groups, community representatives, and businesses dependent upon Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui.

The project can facilitate the interaction of researchers, funding agencies, partners, philanthropical organisations, iwi and the community for all research activities in Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui. We expect that by working together there will be opportunities for partners to co-fund projects with industry and the local community and students to work on research projects with research institutes.

The aim is to deliver cost effective and focused science and monitoring needs to fill knowledge gaps and reduce uncertainty. This ensures that it allows New Zealand at large to gain the best science advances from the work done.

Project Team

Out project team is involved with the day to day operations of the project including project management, task and deliverable’s, monitoring, reporting, communication and education.

Rob Pine

Official Photographer


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Colin Aitchison

Committee Member

Paul Keating

Committee Member

Andrew Macalister


Christine Rose


Dr Steven Urlich


Conservation Ranger 1

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Conservation Ranger 2

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Conservation Ranger 3

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Iwi Representative

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Youth Representative

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